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Case Study: Complete Property Overhaul and Rewire 

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Our Brief

As industry experts with over ten years of experience completing electrical works, we’re proud to be a registered NICEIC domestic installer that conforms to Part P building regulations. We’re also dedicated to installing electrical works inline with industry best practice, with our work being backed by the NICEIC platinum promise.

For this particular project, Heath Electrical Services were selected to complete a full building overhaul and rewire job at a residential property in Redditch. Scheduled to a four-week timeline, the client had a number of requirements within their brief. This included the installation of LED lighting throughout the property as well as socket outlets in every room, including at high level behind TV mounting points. We were also tasked with building in hardwired ethernet ports to allow optimal internet speed, aerial points in every room and the relocation of a consumer unit. The final requirement was for integrated speakers set within the ceiling in both the kitchen and dining room area. This was all within the remit of a clean, minimalist look. It was a big challenge but one we looked forward to meeting.

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Our Actions

Prior to beginning the work, we took the time to consult with the client in detail, discussing the installation and providing advice on certain areas where necessary. This included the socket points and also the lighting levels, which were intended to provide varied environments throughout the home. By doing this, we were able to build trust and give both parties complete clarity about what the works would entail. With everything agreed, it was time to begin the installation.

It was a challenging scope of work, but one we thoroughly enjoyed delivering. We routed all of the cables within the building, recessing them into walls ready to be plastered over, whilst the internet switch gear was installed in the loft space. The kitchen in particular needed to meet the minimalistic criteria albeit whilst still meeting building regulations. To meet the specification, we installed a grid switch style isolating point which had a sleek look thanks to its metal engraved cover. This would offer isolation to all appliances as well as label the operation of each isolator. Finally, we also installed the speakers and dimmable LED lights in the ceilings, complementing the minimalist vibe and matching the paint decorations.

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Our Results

As a business that takes great pride in its craftsmanship, we’re always keen to hear our customers feedback. It was a pleasure to learn that the client was very impressed with the end result, particularly enjoying the minimalist kitchen area with its in-ceiling speakers and LED lighting.

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