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Solar PV & Battery Storage

As a nation we are becoming more and more aware of green energy solutions, reducing our CO2 footprint. Coupled with the recent soaring energy bill costs, many home and business owners are looking into ways to make the transition over to sustainable, greener and cheaper energy sources.

At Heath Electrical Specialists we have the skills and experience to design and install a Solar PV arrays and battery storage systems.

Solar PV panels harness the suns energy and converts it into useable electricity to power our homes and businesses. These panels are typically mounted onto roofs or freestanding frames.

Battery storage works with and also without Solar PV panels. During the day when the solar panels are generating electricity from the sun, this energy can be stored into a battery for later use. This system offers more flexibility and on demand power when needed.

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Battery storage can also be used without the need of solar panels, by drawing and storing cheaper electricity during the night and discharging throughout peak times. As a result, the consumer will be purchasing cheaper electricity from the grid on average. If you would like quote, please click the button below.
There’s enough solar energy hitting the Earth every hour to meet all of humanity’s power needs for an entire year. Every ounce of oil, every lump of coal, and every cubic foot of natural gas could be left in the ground if only we could capture one hour’s worth of solar energy each year. That’s the scale of the opportunity.

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