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Case Study: Contemporary Lighting Installation

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Our Brief

As a reputable provider of high-quality electrical services, we’ve delivered projects across multiple areas, including the domestic sector. Customers take confidence from our expertise in this field, having attained the nationally recognised ECS gold-graded approved electrician card. Whether it’s a small job such as replacing a light bulb or a full rewire of your house, we can be trusted to complete the required work.

Heath Electrical Services were called onto a residential property in Redditch to complete a week-long outdoor contemporary lighting installation. The project, based in the property owners garden, came with a brief specifying a full automotive system that required no manual switching. It was also requested that all of the switchgear was located outside, with little to no disturbance to the interior of the property.

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Our Actions

We quickly put a plan into motion, surveying the job first-hand to understand the challenges it would entail. Our first task was to check the current earthing system, which is critical when determining the method of installation, as this would inform the design of a safe electrical system for use outdoors. Furthermore, we also had to check that the property’s existing electrical supply had the capabilities to cater for the additional demand. With this being a large garden overhaul, we collaborated closely with other tradesmen including landscapers, ensuring we were always on schedule and not delaying the project.

After completing the design and reviewing the necessary procedures, we began work on the installation. This involved routing the cabling through the garden area, ensuring all cables were sufficiently buried in the ground. Of course, the very nature of installing outdoor electrical works is the challenge of keeping everything watertight. Therefore, careful consideration was taken to ensure the new consumer unit supplying the garden was mounted in a suitable enclosure, with no fixings penetrating the interior. This would then deliver full reliability from both the equipment and the installation.

The second challenge was to source good quality outdoor LED lighting that could be installed under the wall, giving the finish an integrated look. We called upon years of industry knowledge to source and review multiple options, consulting the customer before an appropriate solution was chosen.

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Our Results

We take great pride in the quality of our work here at Heath Electrical Services and always value feedback from our customers. We’re delighted to say that this client was extremely happy with the work carried out, saying they felt the lighting “brought it all to life, with a contemporary feel to it”. Furthermore, they were very impressed with the professional workmanship, installation and quality of materials used. As a result of this service, we’re pleased to say this led to further projects with this scope, adopting a similar specification to mirror this.

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