Case Study: Commercial LED Lighting

Heath Electrical Specialists have a proud record delivering electrical installations for commercial customers across the West Midlands. Our expert team has completed projects for clients ranging from large corporate firms to small SME’s and start-ups. This has often included the execution of challenging specifications from concept through to delivery.

Our Brief

As the West Midlands trusted supplier of electrical installation services, we secured a tender with a major national newsagent. The task was to retrofit the LED lighting illuminating store frontage signs at one of their premises. We immediately set to work on understanding the customer specification, surveying the job and providing consultative advice where necessary. This involved measuring the existing light housing and discussing the lighting temperature and brightness requirements. After coming to an agreement with the customer, we were ready to proceed with the work.

Our Actions

Across the course of the two-day project, there was a substantial amount of work undertaken. Experts from Heath Electrical Specialists safely removed all of the existing lighting, internal wiring and housing carcasses from the store front. We take health and safety very seriously, ensuring all work is done inline with industry regulations and best practice. It was critical that this was done in a safe, effective manner to reduce risk to both the premises and, more importantly, customers and staff. We then adapted the housing to accommodate LED lighting and new wiring.

The existing diffusers were taken away for specialist chemical treatment and cleaned to remove yellowing from the plastic. This was in order to offer a much clearer, aesthetic appearance when the lights were back in operation. Having achieved the look that we wanted, the light housing was then taken back onsite and carefully installed above the store signage.

In addition to this work, we also installed brand new canopy LED lighting. This offered bright, crisp illumination above the store entrance and across the products on sale. It made the overall appearance of the store much more attractive and inviting to potential customers.

Our Results

We care about the quality of our work and are passionate about providing our customers with the best level of service. We’re delighted to say that the client was very happy with the project. They were particularly impressed with how crisp and bright the new lighting was in comparison to the old fluorescent lights. Furthermore, the new LED lights have contributed towards a reduction in the store’s energy bill as a result of their increased efficiency. As a result, Heath Electrical Specialists were able to add value across multiple areas.

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